Copy & Paste a 7-Figure Business Model in Seconds

Ditch the software subscriptions.

Let us automate the boring, repetitive stuff (and keep you organized) so you can spend time actually growing your business.

  • Automated Email & Text Follow-up

  • Automated Calendar Scheduling & Reminders

  • Automated CRM Updating

  • Never Lose A Sale Because Of A Missed Call

Ditch the Overwhelm

& Embrace Automation

As an business owner, you're likely juggling every aspect of your business solo – from sales and marketing to customer demands & finance. In those early stages, managing everything yourself is manageable because your customer base is still small.

You spend 30 minutes each morning sending follow-up emails, squeeze in 15 minutes at the end of the day to reconcile Quickbooks, and somehow find time throughout the day to handle phone calls and stay active on social media.

It's Time To Claim Back Your Free Time

What started as a morning routine turned into spending 30 minutes sending follow-up emails, squeezing in 15 minutes to reconcile Quickbooks, and somehow find time throughout the day to handle phone calls and stay active on social media.

Simply put, you need AUTOMATED SYSTEMS to handle the "time sucks" so that you can focus on growing the business and staying lean. Indigon can do that for you in a few key areas.

What We Can Take Off Of Your Plate

Calendar Scheduling

Thanks to Automated Reminders

Repetitive Phone Calls

Thanks to Missed-Call Text Back

Email & Text Marketing

Thanks to Automated Email/SMS

Never Miss A Sale Because You Missed A Call

Ever been on the job, and the phone rings, but you can't answer it? Then, when you finally call back, the person already went with someone else?

Or when you're helping a customer, and the phone rings, and you have to interrupt? Indigon fixes that with automation, saving sales and letting you focus on customers.

Reduce No-Shows to Zero

Ever had a customer bail on an appointment, then brush it off like they totally forgot? Or worse, you roll up to someone's house for a job estimate, and they're nowhere to be found?

Well, check this out – Indigon hooks right into your calendar and your customer's calendar. So, if anyone forgets, it shoots them a quick reminder to make sure they show up on time.

And get this – if you miss a call because you're swamped, Indigon can even set up the appointment for you automatically. Pretty cool, huh?

Creating Revenue "On-Demand"

Imagine you run a burger joint - Friday & Saturday are filled from open to close. But what about earlier in the week?

Imagine if you could send a text blast out to your list for a free side of fries, or a buy one get one. You think the phone would start ringing with orders?

How about if you run an auto detailing business... What if you could automatically send out your annual detail reminders without lifting a finger?

How It's Done

Indigon Automates the Grunt Work

While Indigon has more tools than a swiss army knife...

These are the ones you'll use everyday!

(Plus A Secret Weapon)

  • Full CRM System

  • Funnel & Website Builder

  • Email & Text Marketing

  • Social Media Planner

  • Missed Call Text Back

  • Calendar Scheduling

These All Talk to Each other Through Our Automation Engine!

Let's Go Through Each One in Detail...

Go-To-Tool #1

Website & Funnel Builder

Indigon has a simple to use funnel & website builder natively built in. Using the drag & drop elements & templates, you'll have a functional, ready to go website in a day or less!

Save Up To $147/month

Go-To-Tool #2

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Indigon's CRM makes handling customers easy. It empowers your business to efficiently manage leads, automate tasks, and enhance customer interactions, all in one user-friendly platform.

Save Up To $299/month

Go-To-Tool #3

Email & Text Marketing

Indigon's email & texting revolutionizes communication by automating campaigns and personalized messages to enhance engagement.

Say goodbye to manual outreach and hello to streamlined communication with Indigon.

Save Up To $127/month

Go-To-Tool #4

Social Media Planner

Indigon's Social Planner simplifies social media management. With intuitive scheduling tools, it allows businesses to plan and post content across multiple platforms effortlessly.

From scheduling posts in advance to analyzing performance, it's the ultimate solution for maintaining a consistent and engaging social media presence.

Save Up To $49/month

Go-To-Tool #5

Missed Call Text Back

Indigon's Missed Call Text Back ensures no opportunity slips through the cracks.

When a call is missed, it automatically sends a follow-up text to engage customers, preventing lost sales & conversions.

$ Saved - how much is a customer worth?

Go-To-Tool #6

Automated Scheduling

Indigon's Automated Calendar Scheduling simplifies appointment booking.

Seamlessly integrated with calendars, it allows customers to schedule appointments hassle-free. With automated reminders and flexible scheduling options, businesses can optimize their time and ensure no appointment is missed.

Save Up To $49/month

Now these tools are cool, but they don't work without

Automations & A.I

All these tools are coded to talk to each other already and our webpages pretty much write themselves.

Go-To-Tool #7

Custom Automations

Indigon's Automation Workflows revolutionizes business operations.

With customizable automation sequences, it streamlines repetitive tasks and boosts productivity. From lead nurturing to customer follow-ups, it ensures timely engagement and seamless processes.

$ Saved = The Cost of a Tech Guy

Go-To-Tool #8

Content A.I

Indigon's Content AI transforms content creation. Using advanced algorithms, it generates engaging and relevant content ideas tailored to your audience.

From blog posts to social media captions, it saves time and sparks creativity, ensuring your content resonates and drives results.

$ Saved = The Cost of a Copywriter

But That's Not All...

You're not limited on Indigon

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited Funnels

  • Unlimited Websites

  • Unlimited Automations

  • Unlimited Web Addresses

  • Unlimited Employee Logins

  • Unlimited Appointment Calendars

Plus, keep in touch with all your customers using Indigon

  • Texting

  • Emailing

  • ChatGPT Integration

  • Content AI

  • Record Phone Calls

  • Text To Pay Invoicing

  • Webchat

  • Voicemails

**Email rates: ~7400 email/m free, $0.00135/email after

**Text Rates: $0.0158 per text

**ChatGPT Rates: $0.05/message

**Content AI Rates: $0.18 per 1000 words, $0.12 per image.

You Got Questions? We Got Answers!

What if I already have a website?

If your website is on Wordpress, you can easily port it "as is" to the Indigon Platform. If it's built on another platform, you can either integrate our lead forms using simple HTML or use our full website builder. The choice is yours.

Is there a Mobile App?

Yes! You will have full conversation functionality and limited CRM functions available through our "LeadConnector" app.

Will this help my Google Reviews?

Yes! Using some simple workflows and automations, we can ask for a Google review on EVERY customer and repost them onto your website. This increased social proof will lead to more business and more reviews. More reviews leads to a better ranking on Google and more business.

Can I manage my social media & Google DM's in Indigon?

Yes! Indigon integrates with all of your social inboxes and brings them all into a single, easily managed mailbox inside the platform.

Let's Make This A Complete "No-Brainer" Offer Shall We?

You Get All Of The Above For Only $97/mo


We'll Let You Try It For FREE For 14 Days!

The $97/mo will expire when we hit 2,000 members, so lock in the lowest price it'll ever be offered NOW

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